Advantages of SAJIV Farming
(Organic Farming)

Enhanced Production Stability

By strictly following our package of practices, farmers can transition from chemical farming to organic farming without experiencing any reduction in production during the first year. Unlike traditional methods where up to 50% reductions are common, SAJIV Farming ensures a seamless shift while maintaining optimal productivity.

Chemical-Free and Truly Organic Products

Within just one year, SAJIV Farming breaks down 471 to 606 types of pesticide and chemical molecules present in the soil, making agricultural products genuinely organic and free from harmful residues. Our commitment to eliminating chemicals ensures healthier and safer produce for consumers.

Steady Increase in Production

SAJIV Farming facilitates a year-on-year increase in farm production, ranging from 10 to 25% annually until it is doubled. This gradual growth allows farmers to achieve sustainable and profitable outcomes, making their agricultural endeavors more rewarding

Reduced Fertilizer and Pesticide Costs

By adopting SAJIV Farming practices, farmers can gradually decrease their dependence on expensive fertilizers and pesticides. Yearly reductions of 10 to 25% can be achieved, ultimately leading to cost savings of up to 75% while maintaining productivity and quality.

Improved Nutritional Value

SAJIV Farming methods not only focus on eliminating chemicals but also enhance the nutritional content of agricultural products. By following our practices, farmers can achieve a year-on-year increase of 10 to 25% in the nutritional levels of their crops, resulting in healthier and more nourishing produce.

Efficient Water Management

SAJIV Farming promotes responsible water consumption by implementing various methods. Over a phased period of three years, water consumption can be reduced by up to 75%. Our techniques help conserve water resources while maintaining crop yields, benefiting both farmers and the environment.

Minimized Post-Harvest Losses

SAJIV Farming emphasizes effective post-harvest management techniques, resulting in reduced losses and increased profitability for farmers. Our comprehensive approach ensures that the efforts put into cultivation are not wasted, maximizing the economic value of agricultural produce.

Carbon Credit Opportunities

We assist farmers in obtaining carbon credits by adopting sustainable farming practices. SAJIV Farming recognizes and rewards environmentally friendly agricultural practices, enabling farmers to contribute to carbon reduction initiatives while earning additional revenue.

Access to Chemical-Free, Nutrient-Rich Products

SAJIV Farming creates a market for farmers to sell their chemical and pesticide-free agricultural products, which are highly nutritious and safe for consumption. Through this initiative, we empower farmers to produce and market quality products, fostering a sustainable and healthier food ecosystem.

By choosing SAJIV Farming, farmers can enjoy numerous advantages, including increased productivity, reduced costs, improved nutrition, environmental sustainability, and market opportunities for their organic produce. Join us in revolutionizing agriculture for a brighter and healthier future.

Results Ensured in Cow Based Organic Farming

Consistent Production

We guarantee that there will be no reduction in production when transitioning from chemical farming to organic farming in the first year. Our proven methods ensure a seamless shift without compromising productivity, allowing farmers to maintain their yield levels.

Reduced Fertilization Costs

Over a phased period of three years, we help farmers cut down on fertilization and pesticide costs by 50%. Simultaneously, our approach increases productivity by 50 to 75%, providing farmers with cost savings and improved profitability.

Pesticide Breakdown

Within a one-year period, we break down 606 types of pesticide and chemical residues in the soil. By eliminating these harmful substances, we create a safer and healthier farming environment, ensuring the production of truly organic agricultural products.

Organic Soil Enrichment

Our practices aim to make the soil and agricultural produce completely organic within one year. By employing high-quality cow-based organic inputs and advanced techniques, we enhance the soil's fertility and nutrition levels over a period of one to three years.

Reduced Labor Costs

We provide effective organic solutions for weed management, which leads to a reduction in labor costs. By minimizing the need for manual weeding, farmers can optimize their resources and allocate them to other essential farming activities.

Water Conservation

Through the implementation of various rainwater harvesting methods over a phased period of three years, we help farmers reduce water consumption by 50 to 75%. Our focus on efficient water management ensures sustainability and addresses the pressing issue of water scarcity in agriculture.

Increased Nutritional Value

By utilizing a combination of high carbon soil, advanced jeevamrut (organic fertilizer), and the use of live water, we achieve a year-on-year increase in the nutrition levels of agricultural produce. Farmers can expect a 10 to 25% improvement in the nutritional content of their crops annually, providing healthier and more nutrient-rich food options.

Our cow-based organic farming approach ensures sustainable agriculture, reduced costs, improved soil health, and enhanced nutrition. Join us in embracing this eco-friendly and responsible farming method to create a better future for farming communities and consumers alike.