Join hands with PG Ventures in revolutionizing the agricultural landscape while enjoying substantial financial gains. Our Green Acres Investment Fund offers a unique opportunity to invest in sustainable farming practices that yield impressive returns. As you contribute to a greener planet, you also cultivate a flourishing financial future.

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Investment Details

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Minimum investment

Rs:1850 * 605 ( sq yards)

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Investment Term

1 Years

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Projected Returns

Annualized return of 24% - 12% in terms of payout per quarterly and 12% land appreciation per annum paid at the time of exit.

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Payout Structure

Quarterly payouts, providing a steady income stream.

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Land Appreciation

Anticipated land appreciation of 12% over the investment period of 1 year.

The Ripple Effect of Your Investment

  • As you cultivate your financial prosperity, your investment sets off a symphony of positive transformations: Unleash the power to sequester a staggering 5,000 tons of carbon dioxide per hectare annually, catalyzing a cleaner and cooler planet. Forge a legacy of water stewardship by championing sustainable irrigation practices, safeguarding precious water resources for generations to come. Ignite a spark of opportunity in local communities as your investment fans the flames of employment, igniting new livelihoods and kindling hope. Champion a renaissance of our environment through regenerative farming, breathing new life into the land, and sowing the seeds of a healthier, more vibrant world. Your investment is more than financial—it's a catalyst for change, an embodiment of progress, and a testament to the limitless potential of purpose-driven investment

Invest with Confidence

  • At PG Ventures, transparency and accountability are paramount. You'll receive regular updates on farm activities, progress, and the positive impact of your investment. Our proven track record and commitment to excellence ensure that your investment is in capable hands.

Secure Your Spot in the Green Acres Investment Fund

  • Take a step towards a greener, more prosperous future. Secure your place in the PGV Green Acres Investment Fund today and watch your investment thrive while making a meaningful contribution to our planet. Contact us to embark on this transformative investment journey. Invest with PGV - Where Financial Growth and Environmental Stewardship Go Hand in Hand.